1M (1 Globe/m) Commercial Grade LED Festoon Lighting

$42.00 +GST

Commercial Grade LED Festoon Lights – 1M Spacing 

Low Voltage 24V | Custom Lengths | IP65 | Black or White Cable

Often mistaken or mislabelled as 90cm spacing festoon lights are a very common festoon configuration for festivals and large open spaces, like wedding venues. These festoons are a cost effective way to span large distances, while maintaining that classic festoon look. Like all of our other commercial grade LED festoon lights, these are sold per meter, meaning we can custom make any length you require, generally by the next business day!Our extra low voltage 24V LED festoon lighting is commercial grade, meaning it’s designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Unlike other cheap festoon lighting on the market, our festoon lights are made with thick, durable and weatherproof rubber cable, rather than PVC.  Our Filament style LED globes are also extra durable. They mimic the look of “old school filament” or “Edison” globes, but they’re actually a super-efficient LED and made from break-resistant plastic, rather than glass. Being low voltage, they’re also the safest option for festoon lighting. They can be installed virtually anywhere with their IP65 rating. Weatherproof, UV safe, Low Voltage & also backed with a full 2-year warranty! To power these lights, you will require one of our MeanWell LED Driver, and don’t forget a Driver Connection Lead.